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TAIYODO Photo Studio
6-8-5 Shinjuku-Yamazaki Bldg.402
Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Japan




President/Owner: Naoko Tachibana

Naoko Tachibana

The president of TAIYODO Photo Studio (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
The president of Opuls.Ltd/TAIYODO Photo Studio (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Naoko Tachibana has managed TAIYODO Photo Studio, the target of which is LGBT, especially Transgender.

Throughout her career as a photographer of cross-dressers and a makeup instructor, she has worked with more than 1000 customers. Ranging from Japanese top idol to 70 year-old experienced cross-dressers. She is now recognized as an expert of the culture of cross-dressing in Japan.

Naoko Tachibana now manages her company. Furthermore, she works as a cross-dressing coordinator, photographer, and makeup artist in the field of TV and magazines.

She is involved in the field of cross-dressing in a variety of ways. For example, she writes several types of article columns for news websites. In addition to her photography, publishing, and producing of cross-dressing idol, she hopes that more people will have opportunities to get rid of the fixed idea about sexuality, and to eventually find their own happiness and freedom.

Her goal is to spread Japanese cross-dressing culture around the world.


Chief Photographer: Kamitaka


Graduated from Nihon University, Department of photography, College of art.
Since she was a college student, she has taken photos, where drag queens were used as subjects. Afterward, she decided to work for TAIYODO as a photographer.

Some of their customers feel nervous when they take photos, but her cheerful and friendly character enables them to feel comfortable to enjoy the photoshoots.

She has good skills at taking aesthetic and emotional photographs, such as: bondage photos. Moreover, her talents extend into other areas of photography. For example, cosplay, photos for lady’s fashion magazines, and studio photography.