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TAIYODO Photo Studio
6-8-5 Shinjuku-Yamazaki Bldg.402
Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Japan








TAIYODO Photo Studio, Opuls.Ltd
6-8-5 Shinjuku-Yamazaki Bldg.402, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan

Business Hours

Open: 10am Close: 8pm
Closed Tuesdays.
Our schedule is flexible so please feel free to make inquiries
(There may be 30% extra charge for after-hours use.)


4-minute walk from Shinjuku-sanchoume Station (Toei Shinjuku Line, Marunouchi Line, and Fukutoshin Line), exit E1
8-minute walk from Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Fukutoshin Line and Oedo Line), exit A3
14-minute walk from Shinjuku Station (JR Lines and other Lines), East Exit

Directions from Shinjuku-sanchoume Station

√ Go to the exit E1 (please keep in mind that this exit is a little far from the ticket gate.)
√ Turn left on the Meiji street and go straight about 60 meters
√ Walk until you get to the convenience store "Family Mart", then cross the street to the right.
√ Go straight for 3 blocks to the cultural center, then turn right at the corner (you can see the Indian restaurant "SANSAR" there).
√ Walk about 40 meters and you can see Shinjuku-Yamazaki Bldg. which the studio is in.

The door has automatic lock system. If you cannot enter the building, please send SMS messages or call 090-4202-7888